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Ooh, I'm still glad I never went near that one -- I've always had the feeling my reaction would end up being very much like yours.

Love the poem -- blank verse with a haiku feel, and I can so totally see that on a gravestone! :D
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Thank you.

Have you watched the film?
No! :D

Have you?
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Erm, yes. It's as cringe-worthy as the book, but much shorter. :D (I watched it on a flight to the US. There was little else on offer that I hadn't seen, yet.)
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Also, ... Roger Allam and Geoffrey Rush.... The G&T on the plane was free...and abundant.
OK. I think Messrs. Allam and Rush, with a large G&T (or two) ... plus in-flight movie ... yes, that counts as an excuse. :D
Murder by Death 12 months ago
BT you are an inspiration to me; I was toying with having a go at an epitaph, but couldn't immediately bring a title to mind that I felt strongly about. I can't tell you what you said that triggered it for me - but now I have my title! So, you know... thanks! :D