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Actually the cat will come and sit on your work, thus preventing you doing any... ;-)
BrokenTune 9 months ago
That is pretty much what I thought when I first read the paragraph - that piece of advice can only be given by someone in jest, and only be taken up by someone who has never met a cat. ;)
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I was getting ready to post exactly the same thing. (both what Arbie said and your response BT) I've yet to meet a cat that didn't want to sit *on* the paperwork or keyboard rather than next to it. :)
Moonlight Madness 9 months ago
I read Loitering With Intent by Muriel Spark last year. I liked it all right, but found it somewhat bizarre. I bought two other by her when they went on sale - Territorial Rights and The Hothouse by East River. Are you reading either of those?
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Neither of these we're on my plan for this month - I've got The Abbess of Crewe, Robinson, and Aiding and Abetting lined up next, probably starting with The Abbess of Crewe.

Are you planning on reading more Spark soon?