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Nothing like a good soup...the only things missing are "Pastéis de Bacalhau"...they go wonderfully with any kind of soup...In the northern parts of Portugal they tend to be called "Bolinho" (which means literally little cake). The Portuguese love to call little to llosts of stuff by adding the "inho". As you go south they are called "Pastéis" (which is a word used manly for pastries but in this case is unrelated to desserts).
Also, sometimes they are made as a round ball and people call them "bolinhos" and sometimes as a rugby ball and "pastéis" is more common.

If you ever get yourself in my neck of the woods, don't miss out...
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Yum... They certainly would go really well with this. Thanks!
@BT: That sounds and looks delicious!

@Manuel: I'll gladly forego the bacalhau (not a fish fan), but make it pastéis de Belém or pastéis de nata and you won't be getting rid of me any time soon ....
Ah. Another Pastéis de Belém fan...Last time I went to Belém, I ate 24...with tea to wash them down...Heaven!
24?! Congratulations on your stamina ...!!
I gasped so hard when I saw what looked like cut up hot dogs in your soup; I was shook! I didn't think you ate meat, or at least very rarely, after staring hard at the picture I was able to finally scroll down your recipe and see veggie sausages. I thought your BLs blog was hacked! lol.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hahaha! Just to keep you on your toes! LoL. I actually really like the veggie sausages - I love them in loads of dishes, including a quick and easy pasta dish that seems to have become a mid-week favourite for me. I might post about it on Sunday, instead of soup.

Potato soup was often accompanied by some sort of fried sausage addition when my mum and gran made it, so it is kind of a childhood favourite.
It does look delicious. Especially as it´s getting colder and colder.