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Murder by Death 6 years ago
I've seen those spider studies and the resulting webs ... it was always the substances that seemed the most harmless to me that ended up in the most messed up webs. The LSD one is almost pretty in an avant-garde kind of way.

I'd have loved this talk, it's exactly my kind of thing. I wish PR departments thought this creatively more often with book events!
BrokenTune 6 years ago
It was impressive and I do wish there were more events like this, too. Author talks are fun, but it is mostly authors talking at an audience, without the interaction that activities offer.
6 years ago
Sounds like a blast!
Linda Hilton 6 years ago
What a great evening! And I love her inscription: "Don't try this at home!" ;-)
"So it goes." 6 years ago
I want that last coffee drink. I can't sit any longer, so perhaps I'll finally break the seal on the Kahlua I've had forever and try to create some coffee-ish drinkish thing. I would so much prefer to go to something like this than stand in a line to meet an author after a dry reading where everyone asks stupid questions and the author looks like they want to murder us all.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
There was still an opportunity for questions - in fact, Dr H encouraged people to ask them, and it was great ... there were no pretentious questions, just things people were generally interested in such as a comment on laudanum being on Queen Vic's "shopping list" whenever she stayed at Balmoral, and a question of how many poppy seeds you need to ingest to "feel the effects". It was good fun.
Person Of Interest 6 years ago
I'd have to imbibe the non-alcoholic versions because of my genetically funky liver metabolism but this sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

I've got A is for Arsenic on my wish list, and this convinced me I should definitely get to it sooner than later. I'm fascinated by this kind of stuff, and it's interesting how often nutritional science gets it wrong simply because human and plant physiology is far more complex than researchers imagined.
Well, maybe "A Is for Arsenic" is going to end up as the Flat Book Society's May read ... (here's hoping!)
What a great spin on a wine / food tasting event!
Just a book blog 6 years ago
Sounds like an interesting and fun evening!
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Thanks All. It was such a fun evening. And such a great way to learn about stuff. :D
First off, "blood orange and amaretto cocktail", momma Want. Next time I'm having a dinner out, I'm going see if the bartender can make this.
This sounds like A+ PR-ing. I don't know if I'm just oblivious to events like this in my area but I also feel like I see these cool things everywhere but around me. There's always cool romance author things on the east coast, booo.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
First off, I think momma needs! It was yummy.

It is such a pain to try and find out what is going on my local area, too. If it weren't for FB and friends posting about upcoming events, I'd have no clue. It is a serious concern - there is no what's on guide or anything that helps. The local paper is useless as it only reports things after they have happened - probably for worry of loosing out on potential advertising income (so stupid).
The pinnacle of the ridiculousness of the lack of information was when - years ago now - I phoned a local jazz bar to find out what was on that night and the owner (a local legend for being a bit spaced out) told me that tonight's band had cancelled but that I had missed a great band the night before.
Murder by Death 6 years ago
It's impossible here too - I've missed so many events because I've only heard about them AFTER they've taken place. I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook, and I limit who and what I follow pretty severely so I probably miss out on a lot of events because of that. I try googling, but either I'm using the wrong search terms or a lot of events just aren't getting their message out there.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Thankfully I have friends who like weird and wonderful stuff and some who are involved with the creation of weird and wonderful stuff around this town. But otherwise... it's just ridiculous.
"So it goes." 6 years ago
I wrote to the Baltimore Sun about this during the uprisings. I was so sick of reading about a free concert in a review or a museum exhibit that was now closed, but he pinnacle came during the uprising when they did 100% coverage and complained that people from outside the neighborhood weren't there. Well, perhaps if they'd bothered to link to any of the organizations or causes mentioned in the articles, we people who were trying to get others to support us would have had more luck. SO FRUSTRATING from both a consumer view and an organizer view.
It sounds fabulous indeed. And yes, I've experienced the same problem missing local events that I only heard about afterwards...
BrokenTune 6 years ago
It's so annoying. :(