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Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
Great review! I haven't read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories. I really need to.
I loved this review for its clarity and structure combined with a feeling for the emotional Impact of the story. Thank you.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
Wonderful review.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Thank you all.
"So it goes." 9 months ago
OK, it's time for me to reread Sherlock -- reading this REVIEW made me tear up just thinking about it. It's rare that the idea of a character's pain makes me weepy. Maybe I just need a rest...
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Wow. I'm sorry. When you do pick up more Holmes, just bear in mind that there is The Empty House. Or just pick a fun one to read like the Red Headed League or the Naval Treaty. ;)