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Lillelara 7 months ago
I love your comparison to the Wheelers :). There are definitely similarities between these two couples. All that pent up frustration. I find Walter incredibly pathetic. Maybe Clara thinks the same way, too?
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Maybe. And what's with Walter's references to Clara's jealousy and ambition?

That's the thing, tho, we are about 30 pages in and there is already a lot of messed up going on. Some books don't even manage to set the scene in 30 pages...
Lillelara 7 months ago
Since everything is told from Walter´s perspective, I haven´t grasped Clara´s character yet either.

Highsmith is the Queen of messed up characters :). She isn´t squeamish showing the worst of people and she doesn´t beat around the bush.