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Hol 4 years ago
Fingers crossed.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
So, far so good. :)
Murder by Death 4 years ago
You're braver than I am - I hope it fails to disappoint. :)
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I hope so, too. :)
Have you read (or watched) "Agatha" by Kathleen Tynan? There's both a book and a movie version starring Faye Dunaway and Dustin Hoffman; I don't know which came first -- Tynan wrote both the book and the screenplay. It's an unabashedly fictional take on the "11 Days", based on the premise that a reporter originally sent to join the hunt for Christie happens to check into the hotel where she's staying incognito, clues into who she is, but falls in love with her and decides not to blow her incognito ... until of course someone else does eventually and the whole thing is brought to a rather abrupt end. The book is on my TBR largely because I loved the movie when I watched it eons ago -- as I recall, Dunaway in particular does a stellar job keeping the whole question of "amnesia / deliberate disappearance / is or isn't she aware of who she is and what's going on" very mysterious and up in the air right until the very end.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Is there a Faye Dunaway one? Are you thinking about the Vanessa Redgrave one with Hoffman as the reporter and Timothy Dalton as Archie? I've seen that one a couple of times. It is a fabulous film (erm, Redgrave and Dalton...need one say more?).

The only other book I have read dealing with the 11 days is one by Carole Owens ("The Lost Days of Agatha Christie" ??? something like that.), who I believe has a background in psychology or psychiatry (can't remember) and who dreams up Agatha working with a psychiatrist/psychologist to get to the bottom of what happened in the 11 days.
That one had a few good thoughts, but I really hated the contrived setting hat presumed that a "shrink" can get to the bottom of everything. And I'm pretty sure that there is a possibility that Dame Agatha may simply not have wanted to disclose anything about her adventures in Harrogate, in which case this particular book falls on its nose somewhat...

Anyway, there are elements in the Wilson book that are quite good but there was turn in the plot that I had a hard time following so close to falling asleep last night. I'll have to re-read that part to see if it makes sense at all.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Btw, is Kathleen Tynan related to Kenneth T.?
Ooops, blame Dunaway instead of Redgrave on not enough caffeine (just back from a business trip). I'm positive about Dustin Hoffman, though. This is the movie I mean: -- starring Dustin Hoffman as the journalist, and Timothy Dalton as Col. Christie.

Kathleen Tynan is Kenneth T.'s widow (had to look it up, too; this is what I found, inter alia: )

Hmmm, I wonder whether the Owen book inspired the framework setting of the 2004 TV documentary, "Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures" (starring Olivia Williams as young Agatha and Anna Massey as her older self). It's got an aged Christie visiting a shrink to make sense of her life, including but not limited to those 11 Days, of course, with much of what the older Christie says to the shrink taken verbatim from her autobiography (I recognized several distinctive paragraphs) and used as bridges between the dramatized parts retelling her life.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Yep, that is the same movie. Btw, Dunaway would have been an excellent choice, too. I can totally picture it.
Anyway, it is a good film and if you ever read the book version, I'd love to know how it compares. I'd also love to know if any of Kenneth's views rubbed off and appear in the book, and were then taken out for the film. ;)

I must have missed the 2004 TV docu, which I would have loved to have seen. Anna M. as older Agatha sounds a lot of fun, even tho I'm still cringing at the idea Agatha + a shrink. ... It does sound, tho, as if it may have been inspired by the Owen book. There certainly were parts of the book that I thought were very close to her autobio, but that just made the idea of her seeking out professional help a little more jarring.

Also, welcome back. I hope you enjoy your travel "recovery" day.
Hahah, I wish I had such a thing as a travel recovery day. :) Catching up on all fronts is more like it ...

The Christie docu-drama ("A Life in Pictures") is OK; nicely done in parts, though I don't think it'd have gone out of my way to buy it on its own merits -- it came as a sort of bonus offering in a boxed set containing the two "Partners in Crime" (Francesca Annis / James Warwick) DVD sets, plus the screen adaptations of "The Seven Dials" (Cheryl Campbell / James Warwick / John Gielgud) and "Why Didn't They Ask Evans?" (Annis and Warwick again). And yes, the "shrink" setting is the part I like less about the docu-drama as well. For the same reason, it's what most stood out to me.