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BrokenTune 3 years ago
I'm really hoping to find a substitute for the Bond books. I really did not enjoy them all but they have left a whole in my reading and there are aspects of them that I miss (just not Fleming's dumbassery).
I have high hopes for Helen MacIsaac in that regard and possibly Len Deighton.

LeCarre can be hit or miss for me - the ones I loved, I really LOVED, but the ones I didn't ended up being DNFs. So, he's not one I would turn to for a consistent reading experience.

Forsyth is another one I'd like to explore more (I loved Day of the Jackal), but right now I'm trying to read books that I already own first (apart from the ones I listed as "library" - I've been eyeing them up for ages).

But, yes, the dashboard should be lot of fun this summer. :D