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MikeDI 6 months ago
Hey Broken Tune,
I'm following you closely here and am counting on your opinion of this book. I hate when author's add all their religious bullshit to novels. The title is Silk Roads , it should be about Silk Roads. Otherwise call it something else.
Moonlight Snow 6 months ago
I am also interested! And so far it sounds more like a comparative religion book - which could be fine. If a person wanted to read a book about comparative religion.

BT, I see you just added a whole bunch of non-fiction to your TBR. Are you embarking upon a reading project?
BrokenTune 6 months ago
It is much more of a comparative history of religions than anything else. The last two chapters I have read were interesting and had (finally!) turned to trade and the people of regions beyond the Black Sea (tho not far) and there have been passing mentions of trade routes being established all the way to China and Indonesia, but much of the focus of the book really seems to be that of a Westerner marvelling at the spread of different religions.

@M/Q/MR/QR (what name do you prefer to be called by?)
It was in defiance of this turkey. I was looking for other books that looked at the history of different places (not Europe...or US), anything east of the Bosporus, or anything that looked intriguing. I'm not sure yet what to do with them - whether there will be a dedicated project or not.
I know you were looking at some similar non-fiction. Are you setting up a project?
I love the idea of reading/learning about different places, but I'm not sure that I have the time/motivation this year to really focus on another project.
Moonlight Snow 6 months ago
You can call me long as you call me. Lol.

I'm setting up a few projects, but I don't think that The Silk Road is going to make the final cut. I am, however, planning a Graham Greene project!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Now that is exciting! LoL. I hope you have tons of fun with it. Our Man in Havana was quite different from his other books, but I am thrilled you're looking at Greene. :D

As for The Silk Roads.... yeah, I really can't recommend it on the whole even tho the current chapter on the slave trade is interesting.