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"So it goes." 6 years ago
It hurts when a favorite becomes just another book or story, doesn't it? Rereading Catcher in the Rye as an adult nearly killed me. It was the book that saved my life as a kid. As an adult, I realized Holden - my old friend and hero - was a jerky, pain-in-the-arse kid. So I keep a lovely copy and I'll never ever open it again. I've been reading about Fitzgerald's life a lot this year, and saddest to me was that he seemed to know he was writing cliches and "that same old jazz age schlock" (paraphrasing wildly there.) He died so young, and he was trying desperately to change. He admired Willa Cather and other great writers to a fault. (His correspondence with her is so admiring it's actually cute.) All this to just wonder what would have been had he lived longer, grown up a bit sooner. But still there are some gems. I've not read The Smilers in ages, and it used to be a favorite. I guess my copy of his shorts goes back on my TBR.
BrokenTune 6 years ago
It just goes to show that there is no definitive assessment of a book and that our esteem - even for favourites - can change over time.
I still have Tender is the Night to read. I kept this to last as I thought it might be different to his previous novels - all of which I pretty much hated. His short stories, tho, ... yeah, I am gutted about having grown apart from them, but then his stories fostered my love for short stories as a genre, so there will always be that. :)