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I had to laugh at that scene as well. Also at what Victoria does next ...
BrokenTune 4 weeks ago
Yes! I'm really liking this. Where has Christie hidden this writing style for all these years?
I'm wondering as well. I'm just hoping she's going to stay the course!
BrokenTune 4 weeks ago
I really hope so, too!
The Quilty Reader 4 weeks ago
I finished yesterday and while the second half isn't quite so delightful as the first 50% I thought it was very entertaining. I can't understand WHY she wrote A Passenger to Frankfurt when this one covers much of the same ground so much more successfully!
The Quilty Reader 4 weeks ago
Also, Victoria remains likeable to the end!
Oh, hooray ... :D
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
That is great news! :)