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Murder by Death 5 months ago
Oh god, no way could I have read Being and Time withOUT throwing it in the river. I think there's more about Husserl and Jaspers in upcoming chapters, Bakewell does go a little back and forth in time, as she tends to follow each chapter's topic(s) down their timelines logical paths. In audio, it's sometimes mildly confusing, but lasted only a second or two for me as I made the mental adjustment to chronology.
BrokenTune 5 months ago
I'm sure I won't mind the going back and forth but I'm glad I sourced a text copy in addition to the audio. I had to read some parts several times last night... I'm still not sure of how to practically apply Heidegger's concepts.
Murder by Death 5 months ago
I found Husserl's work much more applicable, as well as some of Sartre's earlier work; I just couldn't find anything in Heidegger that worked for me, and the more I learned about him the less inclined I was to make the effort. Not at all objective of me, but there it is.
BrokenTune 4 months ago
Agreed. I'm having issues with Heidegger's ideas, too, and this is still the basic stage before he goes into sycophant mode...