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Murder by Death 7 months ago
I was both appalled and not, listening to this. I mean, god it's so blatantly disrespectful and demeaning, but at the time everybody (most everybody) thought it was so normal I doubt it was even noticed, except for those women at the forefront of getting fed up with it.

What struck me in a minor way, is that they hired a man to translate her work, and a woman to translate Sartre's.

If I decide to join you and So it Goes on reading The Second Sex, I'm going to have to be super careful about finding a solid, accurate translation. This is when I wish I could read French better than I do.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
You know what would be awesome? A solid translation of The Second Sex, annotated by Bakewell.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
That would be awesome. But you also bring up another good point, I need to look into which translation to source of The Second Sex, especially now that I know I want a later (unabridged) edition.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
If you hear about one, or I hear about one, let's share info? Because if I read this, I want to read her words, or as close to as possible, not someone else's.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
I will do some research at the end of this week. :)
"So it goes." 7 months ago
Oy, please include me, and I'll ask my buddy if she can recommend any sources for figuring out the best translation/edition.
I'm debating whether or not to join this BR as well, if you'll have me -- though I'm not sure what my schedule in the second half of this year is going to look like (you were thinking about October, weren't you?). I think I'm going to go straight with the (unabridged) French text, though. I may end up looking into getting a translation if I find I'm failing with the original, but for the time being I'm optimistic I won't.

@BT: There are German translations by

* Uli Aumüller and Grete Osterwald ( -- which depending on page formatting may or may not be unabridged,
* Eva Rechel-Mertens and Fritz Montfort, which seems to exist in both an abridged and an unabridged version ( and respectively)
* and a book club edition which lists the editor, but not the translator, and which by the looks of it is almost certainly abridged (

Any take on the Aumüller/Osterwald and Rechel-Mertens/Montfort editions? If I do go the translation route after all, I may opt for a German version, provided one of the above is both unabridged and sufficiently reliable, unless either of you finds a reliable, unabridged English text (which, judging by your comments elsewhere, seems to be a bit of a challenge)?
BrokenTune 7 months ago