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Yes -- very nice! Enjoy (both)!
Yay for good customer service! Its unknown here in Canada. :(
BrokenTune 1 week ago
Really? If that is so I should point to an assistant in a sportswear shop on Granville Island who was most excellent in helping me to find a pair of shorts while I tried to not overheat or melt in her shop when I visited a few years ago.
I'm so glad you had a good experience. Maybe I'm just shopping in the wrong places, but I find that staff evaporate when I start looking for assistance.
BrokenTune 1 week ago
That's not good.
I guess that's why I do like pointing out the places that still value customer service as an asset. If I were in Vancouver again, I'd definitely seek out the same place (if I could find it) again. It is the customer service that made the shop memorable, not the name (which I obviously have forgotten) or the goods.
Hey, I see you're reading Phyllis Bottome--did you know she was a big influence on Ian Fleming?
BrokenTune 1 week ago
Yes. I found Bottome through Fleming.

I've read a few of her books now (Murder in the Bud, The Lifeline, and The Mortal Storm) and have also finished a biography about her (by Pam Hirsch) a few weeks ago (but still haven't written a review for it). I find her work intriguing even if it is a little eccentric and sometimes ludicrous - I have read worse.

The one I'm currently reading (Devil's Due) features a character that is based on IF. :D

Previous posts about Bottome:

ah! at last...
BrokenTune 1 week ago
I'm excited about this. :D
But I'll probably wait until the weekend before I start on it.
Person Of Interest 7 days ago
I'm usually dumbfounded and so, so grateful when I encounter good customer service these days. I try to thank these rare gems too and pass along a good word. Btw, that cover is cool. :)
BrokenTune 6 days ago
I like the cover, too. :)