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Perfect specter match for you I'd say :D
BrokenTune 3 months ago
It is rather. :D
Ooh, I've been wanting to read more Oscar Wilde. My ghost square is taken with a book I've really wanted to read so it will have to come later, but I'll be interested what you think of this one.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Oh, I love this one. It's a re-read but I it's been so long since I first read that I forgot how many (tho not all) adaptations have butchered this story.

How can you not love something that starts with a tone like this:

"‘My Lord,’ answered the Minister, ‘I will take the furniture and the ghost at a valuation.  I come from a modern country, where we have everything that money can buy; and with all our spry young fellows painting the Old World red, and carrying off your best actresses and prima-donnas, I reckon that if there were such a thing as a ghost in Europe, we’d have it at home in a very short time in one of our public museums, or on the road as a show.’
‘I fear that the ghost exists,’ said Lord Canterville, smiling, ‘though it may have resisted the overtures of your enterprising impresarios.  It has been well known for three centuries, since 1584 in fact, and always makes its appearance before the death of any member of our family.’
‘Well, so does the family doctor for that matter, Lord Canterville.  But there is no such thing, sir, as a ghost, and I guess the laws of Nature are not going to be suspended for the British aristocracy.’

I'll never not laugh at those lines
I've actually read Canterville Ghost, but wondered about the collection as a whole.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Ah, I see. I really like this edition - it is illustrated, gild-edged, and contains more stories than the size of the book would intimate. We have:

The Happy Prince and Other Tales:
- The Happy Prince
- The Nightingale and the Rose
- The Selfish Giant
- The Devoted Friend
- The Remarkable Rocket

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories:
- Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
- The Model Millionaire
- The Sphinx Without a Secret
- The Canterville Ghost

A House of Pomegranates
- The Young King
- The Birthday of the Infanta
- The Fisherman and His Soul
- The Star-Child

Afterword by David Stuart Davis.

I have not read all of the stories, yet, but I loved The Happy Prince collection. The stories are very sentimental but moving tales of morality and quite different in tone from his plays.
Thank you! I've just snagged it from Gutenberg. :)
Well, I suppose your "classic horror" reading plans have just gotten a boost with today's call! :)

Love "The Canterville Ghost" ... and Wilde's short stories and fairy tales in general, but this is definitely one of my favorites, too.
I love this story, too.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
I feel so sorry for the poor ghost. :(
Well, happy ending eventually.