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Chris' Fish Place 2 months ago
So he is saying Poland doesn't have taxis? I find that hard to believe. All you need is a taxi or a bus driver.
BrokenTune 2 months ago
...yeah, or a phone...
BrokenTune 2 months ago
Again, this was in 2008. Yet, he makes his own incompetence look like it's the fault of the place he's visiting.
Murder by Death 2 months ago
I was in Warsaw in 2007. Crap internet, but HEAPS of taxis.
Yup. I was in Warsaw in 1992. Heaps of taxis even then.
Tannat 2 months ago
So I'll probably end up skipping this one....
BrokenTune 2 months ago
I don't know, Tannat. I would love to hear what other readers think of this - the parts I have read that were actually about dinosaurs were ok, but not altogether mind-blowing or all that new. There is a bit about him watching a seagull and describing how birds are dinosaurs (his words, not mine) which to my mind oversimplified the issue to a degree that I thought I got more out of my 8th grade biology class on evolution and adaptation than I got out of that particular chapter. It just read as if he was going for the sensationalist effect again by proclaiming the simple slogan "Birds are dinosaurs".

There was also a chapter towards the end - Ch. 9, I think - where he discusses what led to the extinction.

He very early on mentions Walter Alvarez and then rambles on how he is fully supporting Alvarez' theory that the actual extinction was caused by a comet or asteroid. As mentioned before, I didn't get that much out of Brusatte's writing so I picked up Alvarez' book.

As it turns out, the entire beginning of Brusatte's chapter seems like a very close retelling of the first part of Alvarez' book, but without the scientific explanations that Alvarez provides.

So, yeah, ... I don't know. The book seems to get a lot of love from reviewers, but for me it isn't working.
Tannat 2 months ago
The impression that you've given is that of a book that is more rambly than factual...seeing as how I was planning on listening to the audiobook, this could go very, very badly.
BrokenTune 2 months ago
I hope it doesn't go very, very badly at all and that you get much more out of this than I did. However, if does go badly, I already look forward to your comments.

Are you getting this from a library?
Tannat 2 months ago
Yeah. I'm not shelling out money for such a risky proposition. ;)
BrokenTune 2 months ago
Stay away from the audiobook. Find a place where to sneak-peek the print edition (heck, maybe even Amazon will do), then make up your mind if you're still thinking about it. Personally, I'm convinced that both you and Elentarri would hate this one, though.
Tannat 2 months ago
That's sort of what I was thinking (that I'd probably hate it). What's so bad about the audio? I have other editions on hold too but the audio is the one I'm most likely to get soon.
Ani's Book Abyss 2 months ago
I'm getting the impression he either oversimplifies some of his facts, or he over-complicates his descriptions unnecessarily. I've still got one part of the book stuck in my head wherein he spends about four or five pages simply describing how Pangea broke apart and there was lava involved that caused the extinction of something. A bunch of repetitiveness that could have been cut down by five pages. I finally skim read the rest of that part because he wasn't given me any new information than he already did in the first couple paragraphs, so I've forgotten what the point of all that rambling was about in the first place.
@Ani: Yes to all of this.

@Tannat: The tone of the book is excessively chatty as it is -- and the narrator of the audio version enhances that even more. Add in the contents issues, and it's just not a great audio to listen to.