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Equal opportunity bookshelves -- love it!
Darth Pony 3 months ago
I'm having similar problems finding books. If it asked for a woman holding a weapon, I'd be spoiled for choice. XD
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Yup, tools, weapons, books, and two where a woman holds a cat. No flowers. :-I
Peregrinations 3 months ago
For a while, I thought that I was going to report that the only flower I found on any cover was a boutonniere.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
This task is trickier than at first it appears.
Lillelara 3 months ago
I don‘t have a single book on my shelves with a cover like that, either ;). The closest I‘m coming to a flower is a tree branch a woman is holding in her hands. Oh, well...
BrokenTune 3 months ago
A tree branch at least has the potential of sprouting some blossoms.
Darth Pony 2 months ago
Ah! Sunrise on the water! Gorgeous!
Oh, wow. Beautiful.