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XOX 3 years ago
Thanks for the review. So it didn't do justice to the city. That's just too bad. I was kind of excited to see Wanchai as part of the book title. It is a small district of bookshops, restaurants, shops and hundred year of temples. It is very different place depending on the time of the day. Day time, shopping and business, night time, bars and other night time trade.
Disappointing about the book -- and tell me about that void (I'm in the process of amassing a whole collection of John Le Carré audios, both new-to-me and revisits, and don't even ask when I'm planning to listen to them all).

As a side note, if the restaurant at the Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental is still up to the same standard it held during my one visit (eons ago), it's quite an experience ... my BFF and I splurged there on the last night of our stay (only the restaurant, though, not the hotel!). Even though my fondest culinary memories are still of the Chinese / Portuguese fusion food we had at a restaurant down in Stanley right on the waterfront, with great views from the first floor patio ...