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Obsidian Blue 6 months ago
Lovely pictures!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Thank you!
Oh, what a great adventure -- I love seals! We used to love going near their colonies when vacationing on the North Sea when I was a kid.

Fingers crossed for the stove situation. And that soup looks great!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
The stove situation will be resolved in the next ten days, as soon as a delivery can be arranged (which is somewhat hindered by one definite and one potential work trip...).

The seals are fabulous! And this is only a few minutes up north (Newburgh), but it did drive home again why that ridiculous man with his ridiculous golf course is such a nuisance. This is isn't far from that and there have already been reports that the dunes close to the course have changed because of the structural alterations made at the course. People tend to not see that even a small change can impact on a nature reserve, and with the reserve, no wildlife. The seals aren't affected directly and they have their own protected area (which people still ignore...), but one thing tends to lead to another.
*steps off soap box*
*That* man doesn't believe in any environmental risks to begin with, but even if he did, he'd still ignore them. (Whereas virtually all of the German North Sea coast is a nature conservation area for precisely the reasons you mentioned ... Sigh.) And that golf course of his ... ugh. You know, sometimes I think, even politics aside, wouldn't it be great if he were not merely indicted and imprisoned but also bankrupted by all those lawsuits leveled against him so he'd have to get rid of every last scrap of his property to pay off his debts and there were at least a *chance* for all that land to transfer into the hands of someone actually able to appreciate and protect it?! (Yeah, I know. But one can dream, can't one?)
Seeing seals is seriously superb! As is alliteration...
BrokenTune 6 months ago
It is indeed. :)
Soup and seals on Sunday! I can't think of anything better, thanks for sharing :)
BrokenTune 6 months ago
There was a seal pup this year, too, but I missed it. It's now grown up enough to have lost its white coat, and I couldn't make out which one was the pup. But the daylight situation over the last weekends was too poor (and granted, I wasn't up early enough) to make it up to the beach in time to see it.
Ali's Magical Reads 6 months ago
First, the soup looks amazing! It snowed here were I live and it's cold and soup sounds awesome. The seals are so cute and awe inspiring to watch! Thank you for sharing!!! :) Also, good luck on your book hang over!! lol!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Soup is such a great comforter for cold weather spells. I hope you're keeping warm.
Hol 6 months ago
Lovely pictures. It sounds like a fantastic day. Hope you get your new cooker soon.
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Yeah, the cooker will be sorted shortly. I'm not concerned...or overly bothered, knowing that this is a very temporary situation. :)
They are super awesome to be able to see them like that! Great pics, too!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Thanks. :) Yeah, we're really lucky with wildlife being so accessible up here.
Murder by Death 6 months ago
SQUEE!!! Seals! This is so cool! Still not seen any here (yet).

Great pictures - and the soup looks delicious (probably more so because you didn't have any spinach :grin:)
BrokenTune 6 months ago
They were amazing. And I was surprised how close they were, and that they actually swam over to the other side of the river to snoop on the visitors. I have never been that close to a seal since being followed by one in Canada (I was in a kayak).

It doesn't show it in my pictures but there apparently are hundreds of them at high season (that would have been about 6-8 weeks ago).
In the last pic, what's the object in the middle ground? A derelict, upturned boat?
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Yup. That's exactly what it is. The tide was out when I got there.
It's been there a while...
Char's Horror Corner 6 months ago
Wow, the seals are super-cute!
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Lovely, aren't they? :)