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Hol 3 years ago
I was wondering if you were still going to that book club. How many times have you been?
BrokenTune 3 years ago
I guess, it's fair to say I have probably read the books more often than I actually managed to go to the meetings in the last year. So, I'm not really considering myself part of the "club" but I do still check out what books they are reading and this one sounded right up my alley.

They sometime do end up with some marvellous reads that I would have passed by other wise - even if I don't make it to the meetings.

"Trackman" for example was fabulous, and I would have loved to have known what they made of it, but I was out of town on the day of the meeting.
Hol 3 years ago
Trackman does sound great. Why not ask them about it on Wednesday? I'll check it out soon. Have fun on Wednesday and let us know how it goes.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Will do! :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Hol, I met with the book club and they all disliked the book. One didn't even finish the book. I seriously was the only one who really liked it.
One lady seems to have lived in Helensburgh, tho, and the book is really not complimentary about the town at all ... if anything, one moral I took away from the book was to not move to Helensburgh.
So, I can't say the tone of the book would have endeared it to some of the group.
They also didn't like the chapters being written from alternating POVs - Auden and Dora - which worked extremely well for me, and for which there is a very good reason structurally.

Oh, well. I still liked the book a lot.