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Hooray. This does sound good -- at last!
BrokenTune 3 years ago
I know, right? I'm very happy so far. Stashower seems to attempt to separate legend from fact quite early on.

For example, about his father's committal to an asylum he adds:

"It has been theorized, but never confirmed, that Conan Doyle himself was required to sign his father’s committal papers."

Clearly, he's not just retelling stories in this bio. At least, I hope so.

If nothing else, this looks like it will be a sound basis for finding other sources.
Oh, good!! Fingers crossed he's going to stick to that line.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Oh, and Stashower's edited Letters of ACD are on my library list, too.
I just decided to go and splurge on used copies of both the bio and the letters. I'll be saving them for "Summer with Sherlock", though.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
That's an excellent plan!