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+1 to your last sentence. :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago

I figured it was time to purge all Holmes pastiche from my physical, electronic and audiobook shelves. There is just no justification for Holmes pastiche on my shelves as it never lives up to the original.
So "Summer of Sherlock" will be chiefly about biographies and the like for you (if you participate)? It definitely will, for me -- including a biography (!) of Sherlock Holmes (the one by Baring-Gould) -- drawing chiefly of course, but not exclusively, on the Canon; as well as a decent array of supplementary material. I received it yesterday and was tempted to dive right in, but decided to save it for this summer -- it might be a fun thing to read in conjunction with finishing the audio verion(s) of the Canon.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
The Baring-Gould book sounds interesting, but after having gone through a couple of "biographies" of Sherlock Holmes, I have to admit that my interest in books about Holmes has dwindled.

I'm not sure I'll take part in the Summer of Sherlock, unless I happen to pick up another bio of ACD or one of his non-Holmes books, but that would be stretching the "Summer of Sherlock".

However, I bet it was tempting to start the Baring-Gould. Did you have a peek into it at least? Or would that keep you reading?
That was what tempted me. :) And I'm definitely going to include a non-Sherlock book by ACD in my summer reads. I put a spin on the topic last year, and I'm planning to do so this year again ... it'll be all about ACD and Sherlock, in fact everything BUT pastiches!
Abandoned by user 3 years ago
I've read this as well as her Jane Eyre "retelling," Jane Steele. I liked Dust and Shadow, and loved Jane Steele. I've also tried to read her Timothy Wild series (Gods of Gotham, Seven for a Secret & Fatal Flame), but I've not been able to get into them even though by all logic they should be right up my alley.

I think her newest book, Paragon Hotel, looks awesome - I am 38th on the hold list at the library. I keep hoping it will show up on the "Lucky Day" table when I hit my library.,13994601
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Paragon Hotel does look good! :) I've just added it to the library list. Thanks!
I suppose here it's a coincidence that the heroine has the same name as Henry and William James' sister? (Wondering because of the pastiche nature of "Dust and Shadow" and "Jane Steele".)