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I've watched the David Suchet version often enough to remember the villain at this point -- but I agree, he is definitely one of Christie's villains who most successfully blend in.

And while I understand the production necessities that required the New Scotland Yard / Sureté exchanges to be severely curtailed, those are definitely one of the elements I prefer in the book.

Miss Grey is yet another one of Christie's intrepid young women -- uncharacteristically, for once in a Poirot novel as sidekick to the Little Grey Cells, instead of taking the spotlight as top dog investigator (even if only unofficially).
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
I really like the Suchet adaptation, but mostly because I like the idea of Poirot at the French Open. ;D
Moonlight Reader 2 weeks ago
I like Miss Grey as well, and I feel like she is one of the most realistic of Agatha's intrepid young women. She doesn't have the flash of Emily Trefusis or the verve of Lucy Eyelesbarrow, but she's more real for all of that.
Totally -- and watching the cracks of the era playing as well!
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago