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"Agathytes" is surely the Greek Goddess of Amateur Sleuthing. Pray to her before embarking on a case!
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There should be a statute of Victoire de Agathyte in the Louvre!
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Does the Louvre accept petitions?
Yes, there should!! Or in the British Museum ("Agathyte's Victory"). Preferably not from the Parthenon, though -- and brought to England by Lord Elgin ...
@BT: We can always try ...?
This is a great idea! Now, do I know any sculptors?
Do you???
I used to know a miniatures sculptor - she made "Bailey the Cat Cuddles Teeny-Tiny Flagon" for me. I met a Bath Spa Uni student who made ceramics, once. Or, to put it bluntly, no.
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"sniff, sniff." I know...

Luckily, she is well worth rereading, or I would be even sadder than I am about coming to the end of her canon.