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Yup. Only a short while ago, I posted pictures of snow. Now, and with absolutely no segue between one and the other, I could post pictures of the large patches of crocuses blooming in ou back yard, with temperatures well in the double digits (centigrade).
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Yup. As I am typing this, I have the window open and it is still too warm (heating is not on). I haven't even taken a jacket anywhere this last week.
Exactly -- though obviously, this is vastly more remarkable in your neck of the woods than in mine. Still, the switch between extremes is pretty remarkable either way.
Tannat 3 years ago
Nope, still in the dead of winter here. We're at...*winces*...-23.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
14C, feels like 17C. That's height of summer temperatures for up here.
Tannat 3 years ago
Enjoy it while you can then :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Well, it's not going to last and part of me hopes we get some winter back before it should officially be over, but thankfully none of our winter will be anything as grim as the horrible iciness you're experiencing.

I hope your spring gets a move on!
@Tannat: Poor you, I'm feeling for you. Seriously.

Bonn, right now:
("Abundant sunshine. Very warm. High 21C / 69F. Winds light and variable.")

In February.
Tannat 3 years ago
Thanks. I think the high was -12. At least it wasn't windy. :)

Ours was a summer breeze ... (wind speed 7 km/h / 4 mph).
Abandoned by user 3 years ago
So weird, because we're having a late winter event in Oregon, and have had snow for the last three days. We usually get a false spring this week and rarely get snow this late in February.
3 years ago
We're escaping (briefly) today from the polar vortex that has had us in its grip for February. It's been the coldest February in 82 years!
I heard -- there were a couple of international winter sports events (in Alberta, as well as Utah and BC) that were broadcast here ... to the extent they didn't have to be cancelled because of the extreme cold!

I hope the cold is finally going to let go of you soon.
3 years ago
Spring has to come eventually, right? Right?
If you would like some winter, I would be more than happy to send some your way. My driveway is currently piled so high with snow that it comes up over the top of my van. Tomorrow we're suppose to add another 4 inches. Next week the potential to add at least 10. This is the most "winter" winter we have had in a while. It's like Mother Nature suddenly remember what season it's actually suppose to be.