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Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
Lucky - except for the sick part.
Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
Hope you get better soon.
isanythingopen 3 years ago
Hope it's nothing lingering!
Feel better, and enjoy your rest and reading!
Feel better!
Lillelara 3 years ago
Get well soon, BT!
3 years ago
Rest up & feel better soon!
markk 3 years ago
I hope being sick doesn't get in the way of what sounds like an otherwise lovely day.
3 years ago
Awww, hope you get to feeling better soon!
Feel better but enjoy the cuddle time with a book!
Ani's Book Abyss 3 years ago
Get well soon! And hopefully you can enjoy the "tea, book, and duvet" part of your day.
Bookish thoughts!!! 3 years ago
Feel better soon...
Boo on the sick part -- hope it didn't last very long and the "tea, book and duvet" combination helped drive it away! I also hope you enjoyed whichever book you read.
Feel better. The image is just perfect!!
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Thanks all.
Awogfli - Bookcroc 3 years ago
Mei ist der süß den habe ich die letzten Tage auch gebraucht
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Oh, nein. Ich hoffe, es geht Dir besser.
Awogfli - Bookcroc 3 years ago
Ja danke es geht mir wieder besser :-)