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Familiar Diversions 3 years ago
I could definitely see Talk Dewey to Me being a real book, probably a romance novel starring a librarian. And I'd definitely read Death by Library Software (a mystery novel, of course) and Pay Your Fines or Die (a thriller parody, maybe?).
BrokenTune 3 years ago
I would very much like to read most of them, but Pay Your Fines or Die really does scream thriller-parody, doesn't it?
Person Of Interest 3 years ago
PYFOD ---> Or a true crime novel. That one and "I Was An eBook Pusher" cracked me up. lol
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
ROFL!!!! These are great!!! XD XD XD Branch Librarian!!! XD XD XD I'm dying! XD XD XD
Mike Finn 3 years ago
So these made me want to outline. Enjoy.

"Book Mobile Bad Girl" is "Cider With Rosie" meets "The Graduate" a coming of age story where every word counts. For fans of Bonnie Bliss or Lucy V Morgan.

"Biliobimbo" Librarian Dulce Decorum's world is changed forever when Dominic Strong takes over as Head Of Library Services. He introduces her to the real meaning of an adult library. When he reads the words, she feels the emotions. For fans of Sandy Skull and K D Grace

"Talk Dewey To Me" The women of the Redwel family have always been Librarians with a capital L. They have the gift of finding the book you need not just the book you asked for. Young Paige Redwel has finally left her mother and her aunts to run a small library of her own and no longer has to hide her secret: the books in130s have always called to her. When she connects the right book with the right man, he becomes hers in the stacks. For fans of E L James with a desire to dominate.

BrokenTune 3 years ago
Ha! :D
Oh, wow. These are phantastic!
Hahaha, amazing titles!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Talk Dewey to Me made me laugh out loud, as did Branch Librarian. ::snort::