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Oh, thank you for this comment -- and for the DNF. I'm so glad to find I'm not the only one to not have any use whatsoever for this novel. For exactly the same reason (plus, its pretentious style and overwritten makeup in general).
BrokenTune 2 years ago
?!?!? Why didn't you say??? I could have saved myself two hours of exasperation here!

I really liked her State of Wonder, even tho I know that it has elements that are truly far-far-fetched also, and the MCs pining is really annoying, and ... Anyway, I still enjoyed it.
Then I read Run, and while that struck me as way too twee and ignoring all real life, I still managed to read it to the end.
But this one! This one just took the proverbial.
Sorry, I was travelling over the weekend -- just saw this upon coming back! :D

This was my first Ann Patchett book, and I haven't touched anything else by her ever since. I just knew very soon it wasn't solely about this book -- it was about her whole approach to writing.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
LoL. I can't blame you. This was very definitely my last Patchett.
2 years ago
Wow,it does sound pretty far-fetched.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
It was. It really was.