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Lillelara 2 years ago
Her determination is at the same time both frightening and awe-inspiring, isnĀ“t it?
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Yes, it is. Oh, and I like how Jordan actually shows her development as a climber and a person, too. I'm not sure when the last time was that I noticed character development in a non-fiction book.
I am fascinated by stories of climbers. Must check this one out. Thanks!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
It is a very, very grim read, but entirely fascinating.
Oh, wow. I'm not sure I even *want* to try to imagine what exactly that must have taken -- not to mention being absolutely incapable of putting myself in her place to begin with. Jesus!!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
The exclamation marks in this post actually represent my reaction to reading this part. This is why I ended up missing a couple of May Fest events this morning...I was up reading way beyond a reasonable bedtime. I just had to find out how this story ended.
I can't blame you.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
I don't know - that just sounds plain daft to me. You don't climb up mountains with broken limbs, you chill out at home and make everyone run around for you! ;)
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Most of the serious climbers mentioned in this book are totally bonkers. Many seemed to have died while climbing. You'd think there may be a link? ;)