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Excellent! Can't wait to find out who will be their special guest this year!
Moonlight Murder 1 week ago
Oooh, me, too!

Perhaps . . . Harriet Vane?
BrokenTune 1 week ago
TeaStitchRead 1 week ago
It's the return of THE SHEEP! YAY!
Cards have been issued already?
nvm, I found the thread :D
Moonlight Murder 1 week ago
In process!
Darth Pedant 1 week ago
The Gang is back!!! Wooooo! :D
porg is back!
Obsidian Blue 1 week ago
Ani's Book Abyss 1 week ago
The Gang! Yay! Looking forward to them popping into the game on your card!

Have there been any sightings of the legendary were-sheep yet? O.O
BrokenTune 1 week ago
I think it may still be a bit early for the rising of the weresheep. It likes to nap until closer to mid-game point. ;)
Lillelara 1 week ago
I love The Gang :). It wouldn´t be Halloween bingo without them.
BrokenTune 1 week ago
Thank you all. It wouldn't be HW Bingo for me without some sheepish goings on.