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Undoubtedly. This one is sitting on my TBR as well -- for pretty much that expectation. Well, and Derek Jacobi and Ian Richardson obviously.
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
...and Geraldine. They are all brilliant, but Brett stands out in this one. Even amongst the rest of them. And I love them all, too, so am not even pulling a "favourites" card here. ;)
Oh, I hear you! :)
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
You can just picture McEwan's eyes twinkle when she says things like "We are wise girls to mock our lovers so."

It is a very enjoyable production.
This is a play where many a line should evoke a twinkle in the speaker's eyes. And the audience's ...
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Yup. It does! :)
BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
TA, have you seen the 1975 BBC production with Martin Shaw as the King and JB as Berowne?
I just found it. It is great fun. A little different from the production I listened to this afternoon, but fun all the same.
Oh, excellent, thanks for sharing!!