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I saw your update, so I figured I'd start on my copy too. This should be interesting to compare in terms of languages!
BrokenTune 1 month ago
I bet it will!
Yeah, I already noticed that when reading the first paragraph both in Spanish and in German after I'd received both versions ...

OK, will start on this tonight as well!
I don't read German well enough to get through a novel, unfortunately, so I'll keep up with your updates to see how they compare!
Well, let's just say going by the first paragraph, the translator knows their Spanish, but the flow is a bit more wooden!
His Spanish is quite poetic at times. I'd love to work as a literary translator (I just do regular translation), because it seems like such a unique challenge.
I agree, it is! There's a reason why there are awards for "best translation" ... it's so much more than just transposing sentences from one language to another.
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Ok,I'll try and read at least a few pages of this tonight but probably won't get to this until tomorrow. I've got a kitchen/cookery/food experiment lined up for tonight - instigated by a colleague of mine - and I "may be some time".