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Ugh. Not a good place to be in at all.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
No it isn't.
You've got this one, too, haven't you?
I do, yes -- so far it's sitting on my TBR. Recent comments from you and Tigus have not exactly made it whirl up the rungs ...
BrokenTune 2 years ago
One thing that has become clear to me from the dive into Golden Age mysteries is that, even tho the plots are largely similar (some crime is committed and then solved), there are certain styles that work for me and others that do not. And somehow I get the feeling that Capes is trying to imitate another writer, tho I cannot put my finger on which one, and it just is not working for me.

There are some snippets of great observation and description but they are few and seem a little lost in some other rather exaggerated prose. It's a bit like Jeeves is narrating the whole story without having the balance of Wooster's more down to earth injections bringing the narration to the point.
And obviously it's not really a farce.
It's really odd.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
@Tigus, just to reassure you that I picked up this one because its funky cover called out to me at the library. I was not even thinking when I snapped up this book. It was a sure case of library amnesia...where, surrounded by all those lovely books, you forget EVERYTHING.
@BT: The Jeeves and Wooster comparison would sound intriguing except for the fact that it's a description of an imbalance rather than a balance!

@Tigus: *Of course* I have faith in your recommendations! They're straight from the heart, and yet you never assume that since something works for you it must also necessarily work for others ... what more could anybody ask for?
Portable Magic 2 years ago
@Tigus I still have faith in your recommendations! We always bring something different to a book, so it resonates differently with each. I didn't hate blackboard jungle, it was really well written, there were just a few things that really stuck in my craw on a personal level.
Lillelara 2 years ago
@Tigus I still have faith in your recommendations as well. Everyone are triggered by certain things that are happening within the book and everyone reads a book differently.
As for A Killing Kindness, there are certain things that are rubbing me the wrong way and which lessen my overall enjoyment of the book. Objectifying women to characterize a male character is one of those things. But it´s something that I dislike, other readers might not have the same problem with it that I have.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
@Tigus, just for clarity. I love your recommendations. You introduced me to Farjeon. Nuff said.