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Obsidian Blue 1 month ago
Yeah I shuffled things around day too. That Sandford book is a brick and I was not carrying it into work :-) I also realized some books were not going to come my way before the end of October.
I've read one short story by Highsmith that features a cat and is absolutely wicked (in every sense, including and in particular wicked fun). I think this book is going to go straight onto my TBR ...
BrokenTune 1 month ago
@OB, shuffling books is just as much fun and just as much part of the game as reading books for the squares. :D

@TA, I can't wait to start this in a few minutes. If these are anything as good as some the stories in Eleven or Mermaids on the Golf Course, this will be a fun adventure.
I'm sure it will be. Highsmith and cats -- what can possibly go wrong? :D
You do know that those Siamese cats count as black genetically, right? As far as breeders are concerned.
BrokenTune 1 month ago
No, I had no idea! Thank you! There are definitely some Siamese cats on that cover. Tho, I looked at the top right and centre left one as potentially black cats, too.
And since the cats in the short stories (at least the first one don't get a clear description, I interpreted this as they *could* be black cats.