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What would you recommend as a first introduction to Du Maurier?
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Keeping in mind that Rebecca is her finest hour and I would recommend it any time, but I would probably recommend The Scapegoat first ... or some of the short stories.
My reason is that the others that usually get recommended (that I have read) seem thrive on a "Romance" angle, even tho there is so much more to them.
Jamaica Inn is famous but it also really, really ridiculously bad ... and anyone reading this one for the romance angle should do some soul-searching.

The great thing with Du Maurier is that she experimented quite a bit so many books are quite different from each other.

The Scapegoat is more of a thriller. It is not perfect, but I found it to be thoroughly gripping.

The House on the Strand was just weird.
The Parasites is basically about the dysfunction of the Du Maurier family...I may have DNF'd it.
The King's General was a totally fun and suspenseful read and was one of the few historical romances I have enjoyed.
My Cousin Rachel was very good, too, but dragged in parts.

I started Hungry Hill at some point, but didn't get to finish it because I read it while staying with friends in Texas for a weekend. It was my friend's book.

Mary Anne is still on my tbr.
So is, The Loving Spirit but it was her first novel and I don't have high expectations.

I have not read the other novels...yet.

Her short stories are weird in a good way, but the quality varies. The Birds is excellent.

Hope this helps.