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I watched the TV series starring Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh earlier this year, after Moonlight had read and reviewed the books -- which in turn (both as audiobooks and in print) have been on my TBR ever since. I was seriously tempted several times throughout BL-opoly, and I'm still planning on getting to them before the year is out. (The TV series is excellent, incidentally -- among the best stuff that Thompson and Branagh ever did, both together and alone, and the supporting cast is even better and all but outshines them. Highly, highly recommended.) And for once I'm not even feeling guilty about getting to the screen adaptation before getting to the books.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
I remember our discussion on Moonlights post. I am really looking forward to seeing the adaptation,too, but am going to read the books first. It's so nice to go into this without prior knowledge.
Oh, I wouldn't have expected you to do anything else! :) Glad to hear about Harriet Walter's narration, of course ... not that that comes as a surprise ...
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Btw, are you able to see "Flowers" on Netflix? HW plays an ex-junkie Reverend in Series 2, and it cracked me up...well, I thought it was fab.
No idea -- will have to find out. Otherwise, I suppose at some point there will be good old DVD ...