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You Bastard was far and away my favorite character in "Pyramids".

Now that you've met him, have you tried to imagine what a meeting between him and Grebo would have been like?
BrokenTune 6 months ago
LoL. I cracked up laughing so hard when I first met You Bastard. Pratchett and his devilish streak for making conversations about his book and characters sound really awkward to people who haven't read the book ... or are aware that You Bastard is a character name.

What a great character, tho. I'm sure that between him, Greebo and the Luggage, the entire Discworld could be set to rights.
Either that, or embark on a territorial feud so destructive it would end up smashing the entire Discworld to bits.

Pratchett's character names are one of a kind -- they make me crack up before the character hasn't even uttered a single syllable. Or in this instance, equation.