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... as well as Murder Most Foul, Supernatural, Ghost Stories, and Monsters (= the mummies: they may have the best of intentions, but they're unnatural creatures that actually do scare the living daylights out of most of the "present-day" cast of characters). You could fill half a bingo card with this book alone!

In fact, in light of the plot twist that occurs midway through the book (at the point where Teppic and we all first meet You Bastard), I'd also been wondering whether it would fit the Doomsday square. In light of the end of the book I wasn't entirely sure, and for me personally the issue didn't arise, but I think anyone desperate to fill that particular square might at least give it a shot to ask about it.

Anyway -- yes. Long live You Bastard. It's a pity we're apparently not destined to meet him again, since this is a sort of standalone within the series. :(
BrokenTune 2 years ago
:) Indeed. Long live You Bastard!