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D'Anton?? Seriously???
BrokenTune 1 year ago

I am vexed more by Portia having been turned into that airhead Plurabelle.
Seriously, the women characters in this are awful. At least, in the original play, Portia had some gumption.
Portia is the best character in the entire play. Well, all the women characters are, really.

Hmmm. This is on my TBR as well -- doesn't bode well, though!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I'll put more thoughts and quotes up as I go along, maybe it will help. So far, this is not a strong contribution to the Hogarth series.

Also, the book basically started with a section that I suppose was meant to be funny, but that was completely lost on me ... penis jokes and all... I'd recommend trying a sample on Ammy first.

What has been kind of interesting in the section I am currently at are the conversations between Shylock and Simon Strulovitch, but only because they provide a sounding board for Shylock that we don't much get in Merchant other than through his monologues.
I have the physical book (it was one of those RSC Stratford bookshop impulse buys), so I can always sample that one.

Ironically, your reading experience is the reverse of the situation that provides a lot of funny mileage in the early pages of Nancy Mitford's "Christmas Pudding" ... (a writer who has poured his heart and soul into writing a tragedy -- with dismaying effects).
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I'm even more intrigued by the Christmas Pudding now!
The promise of the beginning isn't entirely kept up throughout the book, but as that one review posted on the BL book page said: "When she's good, she's really good."
1 year ago
Michael Kitchen you say? I wasn't really planning on reading this title but now I will have to revisit my plans.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
so far, MK is the best thing about the book. I have the audiobook and the hardcopy at home from the library, so no loss there if the book doesn't work out.
Btw, have you heard MK's narration of other books? I had his narration for Wuthering Heights and for The End of the Affair and loved both (even if he was the only reason I managed to get through Wuthering Heights).
Try "The African Queen" -- he's doing a great job there, too.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Ah, that HAS to go on my list!