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Totally with you on most of the above (all that I've read, that is) -- and "Not So Quiet" and "Verdict of Twelve" have moved up on my TBR.

Ditto audio books -- I've just counted them all as "audio", but that's not exactly correct in many cases.

And OMG, I totally forgot to include the rating stats in my own "year in review" post. To be amended ... tonight, when I'm back from the annual New Year's Day opera performance.
2 years ago
All I've read was BECOMING. It was wonderful.
222 books is amazing!
Lillelara 2 years ago
222 books is really impressive. And I love that The Butchering Art made it on your list :).
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Hm, but how many of the 222 were good ones? And how many did I read simply to fit into a game task?
I really would not mind reading less this year.