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Excellent! And if this holds up, yet another writer where you really wonder how (s)he could have fallen out of fashion so quickly.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
I have no idea. I think I'll attribute a large part of the blame to the Penguin 1968 covers, tho.

But yes, what a find! Well done Mr Edwards for letting the world know about her! Now I can't wait until May, when the Spoilt Kill is re-released. I could, of course, find an old copy, but I would actually like to support the BLCC's efforts by getting a new edition.
I have 3 others of her books on the shelf already ... but Due to a Death is from the same series as Spoilt Kill, so will have to wait.
As for "The Spoilt Kill", I'm definitely going to wait for the BLCC edition as well. As for some of her other books ... I might just go on a snooping spree at some point. Though I will definitely *not* cave to acquiring one of those Penguin editions -- nobody should be forced to have those on their shelves, regardless whether temporarily or (gasp) permanently.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
An excellent plan.
I only have Due to a Death as the Penguin edition. Thankfully.