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Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
Interesting. I opted out of a new phone simply because it was bigger than the one I already have and wouldn't fit comfortably in my smallish handbag, unless I remove the ebook (which isn't happening).
BrokenTune 3 years ago
It's inconceivable that you should need to remove your e-reader. They just are not thinking about the important issues when they are designing these things.

Also...I'm still miffed about the lack of pockets in everyday life.
Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
I can't say I use the pockets on my jeans - I'm paranoid about stuff falling out or people helping themselves to my pocket contents. But I do find the one jacket with zip up pockets very useful when I take the dogs to the park. I really don't want to schlepp a handbag along for that.

I noticed my sister doesn't use a handbag at all. She has a wide purse that she puts her phone in. If the phone doesn't fit then she has a problem and ends up stuffing it in her jeans pockets - and then it falls out when she bends over. One of the reasons she needs a new phone (or a phone repair) every 3 or so months.

My husband stuffs everything in his pockets, and when we get where ever we are going and lots of sitting is required, all the pocket contents "somehow" end up in my handbag. Which is annoying since there isn't really space for an extra set of keys + phone + wallet + pocket knife. Men seem to need manbags too. ;) Or they are making pockets too small and in the wrong place. Seriously, who the hell thought it was a good idea to stick pockets on the butt?