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I feel you. Hope the invasion is over as quickly as possible under the circumstances -- and as noiselessly as possible under the circumstances.
Ugh I hate house related work for this same reason.
Elentarri's Book Blog 2 years ago
Being home alone with a bunch of strange men running around in my own house doesn't exactly give me warm, fuzzy feelings either. Stay safe and I hope they finish fast!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Thanks all. It's going well so far. I have headphones on, tea, and book. Window #1 is already out, and it was much quieter than I thought this would be.
2 years ago
I hope that everything goes smoothly and they're out of there in no time at all!
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Thanks Char. It's going well but there is just so.much.damn.dust! Everywhere.
The new windows are looking nice tho, and I can already tell that there is some increased soundproofing. Just in time for seagull breeding season to start.

It turned out to just be one guy, and he's lovely and no bother at all.
Portable Magic 2 years ago
I'm glad to hear it's going better than expected! It makes me uneasy to have strangers in my house, too, but even worse is trying to keep Annabelle from biting their legs and keeping Stubbs from trying to crawl into their laps.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
LoL. That does sound stressful.