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I just finished up my mid-morning walk and then will do my late evening one later. So that way I am getting some movement outside. I am also going through Miss Fisher's murder mysteries and reading! I plan on baking/cooking something new every 3 days. I don't want to overwhelm myself.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
That sounds excellent! I thought about cooking/baking but I don't know about that because I'd probably not eat all of it and I don't have colleagues to take things in for.
Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
Meanwhile, the library I work at is open 8-5 on weekdays, and my boss called me "paranoid" for not wanting to have those meetings in her office and said she doesn't think we'll all be working from home anytime soon. I've sent an email to our library director saying that it's irresponsible for us to keep our building open to the public. I haven't gotten a response back, but I've heard that I and one other staff member are "worrying a lot."

Edit: Okay, I just found out that the reason we're still open is because our university president wants us to be. He actually wanted us to be open until 2 AM like usual. Our 8-5 hours were a compromise.

lolsob We're going to be open 8-8 next week, when the students come back after our prolonged Spring Break. I don't know what to say.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
The universities and college in my city have all suspended face-to-face teaching. The university libraries are closing from today and Friday until further notice. However, they have been open until now, and the UK is about a week or so ahead in terms of the epidemic.

I hope your university will make the right decisions eventually.

Btw, our (the company I work for) US offices are also asking people to work from home.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Yeah, reading will hopefully go up for me, too. Tho, probably not this week...or next....things are crazy busy at work right one of my challenges will probably be actually switching off the work laptop at night.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
That really sucks. I am sorry to hear. My mum was made redundant today from her part-time casual work at the art galleries, because they are closed for the foreseeable future. And I have heard from others who were due to start new jobs who were told not to show because the positions had been cancelled.

There are far more aspects to this pandemic that will affect people's lives drastically than the virus itself.
So sorry for both you, WR, and your mom, BT. :(
I think taking a walk around the neighborhood is a great idea -- I may do that eventually, too, at least if I can find a place and time of day when I'm not running into too many people.

And I also started a sort of "clean one" routine, at least in the sense of catching up on long-overdue things, though actual physical cleaing will definitely also feature in days to come.

Luckily I work from home anyway, and a big physical meeting I had coming up has just been moved to a Skype video conference, so I don't think too much is going to change for me. But I'm already seeing myself reaching for books, movies, music, and whatever other means of distraction I can find ... and it makes me so sad to think about all the people affected by this thing, not just those who test positive but also those who are losing their jobs, earnings, and livelihoods (or at least in danger of losing them).
Me too. I feel so bad for people who will their jobs over this.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
So, far the taking a walk around the neighbourhood has not happened. Work is crazy right now and I ended up in back-to-back calls from 7am to 3pm which was the time I finally managed to have lunch.
I talked to my boss about it and he agreed that I need to change my schedule to block out more breaks ... So, it's been a productive day, but not what I wanted or needed today.

I have one team member who is rather difficult but who was set to leave at the end of next week for a new job, but has now asked to retract his notice because the new job no longer exists. So, much additional time was taken up with dealing with HR, who have been really helpful, but there is a lot of emailing back-and-forth, and since every one is working in different locations, everything needs a conference call to be set up...
That sounds like a horrible day. I hope you'll be able to carve out some down time for you soon!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I will. Come hell or high water - proper breaks will happen tomorrow!!!
Just not at lunchtime because every man and their dog have schedule "daily operations update meetings" for US mornings "first thing" ... which means that the time between 12 and 3pm is now dead to me because that's when I'll be listening to calls while on mute and trying to not lose the will to live. But maybe, just maybe, I will be able to type away on emails about matters that people omitted to action last year but have now suddenly become urgent because said people have little else to do right now. I predict that a lot of responses will contain the phrase "Are you sure you will be able to mobilise personnel to country xyz right now?" I like that Gmail recognises phrases users use often and suggests them as predictive text.

Sorry for the rant. :(
Never mind. Sometimes nightmare work day rants need to happen. Especially now!
Darth Pedant 1 year ago
As a chronically ill introvert, my life hasn't changed much. Except now the "Is it a cold or allergies?" game I play every other day has a new edge of anxiety to it. XD
BrokenTune 1 year ago
:( Stay healthy, DP, and stay safe!
If my children continue to act the way they did today, I'm going to make vodka in my orange juice a new daily thing. Otherwise, I'm trying to get my children on as much of a normal schedule as possible. So many people are telling me, "It's just like summer vacation". It's not. I can go places during summer vacation like a public pool, the library, Target, out to eat, etc. My husband is going to work until they tell him otherwise. He does tech for a car dealership. The way the economy is tanking, I'm worried that won't last much longer. However, if schools all have to make a huge transition to digital learning, he won't be out of work long. He already does side work for a few school districts. Honestly, I'd be alright with him losing his full time job. Any of the contract jobs he has would pay him more to work full time for them. The only reason he doesn't now is because there's too much travel involved.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Vodka in you orange juice sounds like a great idea, not only will it stretch-out the OJ supply, but it also sterilises your insides! ;P (I know, it is not how it works...)
I've made the comment about alcohol sterilizing my insides more than once since all of this started. I've remained healthy so I think an argument can be made.......
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I think it's sound.
Lillelara 1 year ago
We are working in shifts in my pharmacy from tomorrow on onwards and all vacations have been cancelled for the next month. So alas, no vacation next week. But I was expecting this and it is the right thing to do.
I just wish people were more reasonable. I was grocery shopping yesterday after work. Not a lot of people were around, but the way that they behaved ... honestly, I personally think it´s a matter of time before a complete lockdown and being incarcerated in your own homes for your own protection is about to happen, at least in Schleswig Holstein were I live. They are pretty strict up here. And they have every right to be strict. Priviliged people having "Corona parties" in the park ... unbelievable!
The party thing is just insane.
I just read an article about college students who are still flooding place like Miami for spring break. Apparently young adults haven't quite figured out that they are the reason governors all over are ordering bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. to close. Stay home!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
People are idiots.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Thanks. She's fine. She's retired. However, she will miss the social interaction, especially now that there is not much else to do. I am actually quite relieved that she's no longer asked to mingle with the public and stand for hours all day.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I'm like Darth Pedant, minus the chronically ill part. I'm introverted enough that I don't feel any difference in my day - although obviously, I'm not driving to work. My cats are in 7th heaven having human with them all day long.

MT and I will probably make an effort to take at least one walk a day, and I'm hoping my shelving brackets arrive before the weekend so I can continue my library project.
Darth Pedant 1 year ago
Who knew my regular lifestyle was called self-isolation? Hear that, Mom? I wasn't an anti-social kid. I was ahead of my time! XD
Murder by Death 1 year ago
We're the new cool kids on the block! :D
BrokenTune 1 year ago
One of my friends that is in self-isolation (for high risk) is into crafts. I'm currently trying to convince her to crochet a blanket fort. I think she's nearly on board.

But seriously, stay safe all and keep people away from you. Which is ridiculously hard. I've become really conscious over the last week of how many things we are touching in public places even when we're trying not to.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
A crochet fort sounds excellent! I hope she does it, and she shares pictures. :)

I've never much liked people getting to close, so the new social distancing no longer makes me look anti-social, or at least, I'm now *appropriately* anti-social.

I hope everyone here is able to look after themselves and their loved ones and dodge this nightmare, and I hope we all make it out the other side financially too.