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Hehe. :)
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
This one made the hubby and me laugh so hard. :D

I've mostly been on hiatus from BL since last summer but I'm now checking-in daily again for some much needed distraction. Good to see you and most of the group - fingers crossed for Char and her husband - are doing okay.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
Good. I hoped it would make someone laugh. And I am glad you are checking in again, too. I hope all is well at your end. :)
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
Fortunately we're not facing any financial hardships since the hubby has an essential job in the tech sector, and our extended family seems to be holding their own on the employment front too.

However, we're at increased risk due to our age (early 60's) and my hubby is also immunocompromised, so we're very strictly sheltering at home and being hypervigilant about any potential exposure. I'm ordering groceries on-line for home delivery and a co-worker of the hubby's has kindly been bringing us fresh produce from the farmers market weekly, too.

Our niece's SO also fell ill with the virus over 2 weeks ago but has recovered without complications, and thankfully she hasn't developed symptoms. They moved from Arizona to the UK last year and live in Cambridge. I guess he had attended a conference in Switzerland and suspects he was exposed by an asymptomatic Italian colleague.

Scary times. I hope our small BL community continues to stay healthy.
I hope so, too. And it's good to see you here again, PoI. I hope you and your husband will continue to be OK -- as well as, of course, your niece. Hopefully her SO has built up a certain level of immunity ... acquired the hard way! :(
Person Of Interest 2 years ago
Thanks, Themis.

The niece's SO is working at the University of Cambridge in a post-doc neuroscience research position. Who knows, he might be able to give serum antibodies if they need donors for the vaccine Prof. Jonathan Heeney is trying to develop there. :)
Awogfli - Bookcroc 2 years ago
:D zu viele Kinder in einem Haushalt - zu unglaubwürdig für die Kiwara - genial