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Tannat 1 year ago
I generally cheat and buy the couscous already mixed with spices. And then serve it along with a dish with a sauce...

Aside from that, I'd probably be generous with a spice mix and maybe add one or two dried chili peppers.
Same here, as far as the "buy already mixed with spices" bit goes ...
Familiar Diversions 1 year ago
Like Tannat, I prefer buying couscous that's already mixed with spices, but I've made it before mixed with chicken, broccoli, and a generous amount of curry powder and cumin. Not so much a recipe as "just keep adding stuff from my spice rack that seems like it would work together and add more flavor."
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I don't mind couscous once in awhile; I use the bouillon cube too, but I mix the 'finished' couscous with roasted vegetables that have been roasted with a lot of garlic, onion, rosemary, thyme, and a wee bit of sage, plus whatever else the garden's got going on. Also salt in amounts that might go against most dietary guidelines. I've had delicious couscous salads before, but I've never been able to re-create them with anything like flavour.
markk 1 year ago
I've never made couscous, but I found that Trader Joe's chili-lime spice adds flavor nicely to quinoa.
Mike Finn 1 year ago
I add flavour to couscous in two ways: the stock I soak it in and the fresh ingredients I stir in at the end.

I make a stock (usually one of the Bisto powders as they're meet free) to which I add tabasco or hot sauce before I soak the couscous in it. Then I stir in lemon juice and fresh corriander.
Never eat the stuff.