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Ooooh, I'm so glad you're still enjoying this. :D
BrokenTune 1 year ago
This was splendid. However, there has been one question that has been driving me nuts for most of the book: How massive was that deed box?
I've been wondering about that, too. :) It can't be the tiny sort on display in the adaptation of "Strong Poison" ...

At least the size of the (barely visible) bottom one in this picture, probably:
... or one of these:
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Yeah, it would have had to be more of a trunk. Apart from the deed box question, I enjoyed this one very much, especially the remarks directed at other mystery writers.
Yes, me too. And seriously, it takes a lot of talent and skill to make a mystery whose resolution relies on this type of legal / accounting technicality come off as so apparently light-hearted -- just about every other author with a legal training would have made it sound dry as dust ... and lost his readers.