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There's a new alternative (still in beta) that may suit some folks. For me it's emphasising all the things I don't want and neglecting most of what I do want, but others may feel differently:
Note that they are struggling to cope with the influx of goodreads imports and it may take order of days for your import to go through.

BrokenTune 1 year ago
Thanks, Arbie. I had a look at it when you mentioned it on another post the other day. I'm not convinced by the new site. I want the blogging functionality AND community function and I can't see how the new site caters for either.

Have you signed into the GR corner of BL "expats" - The Outpost?
BrokenTune 1 year ago
If BL goes down, I'll be at a loose end a little. I really don't want to go back to GR for any serious amounts of time. I've come to like LibraryThing a whole lot more, but it is cumbersome with respect to the community aspect - and it doesn't allow for progress updates or seeing friends' reading updates. This bugs me. This is what BL was great for. The community aspect was fab.
I think you must have seen me mention it over at The Outpost. I'm "Robert" on Goodreads. I'm keeping an eye on Story Graph, just in case it takes a turn in a useful (to me) direction. I'll be posting here until it becomes impossible, anyway.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
You know, it could well have been your post on The Outpost that I saw (and I do know that you're Robert over there), I just can't remember where I saw things first with so many posts and platforms to keep up with.

I'll be here until the end, too. It's just, of all the times that BL was shaky, this time seems more final. Maybe it's the lack of any sign of life from the admins, maybe it's because so many already seem to have left for pastures new ... or old. It's really sad, tho.
Tannat 1 year ago
Yeah I had a look at The Storygraph and it doesn't seem like it would be useful with a library with thousands of books. It's also optimized for the mobile look which is annoying on a laptop. I haven't tried any of the review features though; I just imported my books and then went...meh.

The name confusion is part of the reason I added my handle here to my handle on GR...lest I confuse RL GR friends by switching to Tannat.
I've never understood the cause of these preriods of near total unresponsiveness.
1 year ago
I wonder if it corresponds to spammer activity on the server.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Maybe. The place must be flooded with them.
Tannat 1 year ago
This does seem to be likely.
Tannat 1 year ago
I tried about 15 minutes of the audiobook of this and I just couldn't. I'm glad it works better in print.