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Oh, this is fiction? Could have fooled me -- a subtitle like "The Original Lady Chatterley" virtually screams "biography".
BrokenTune 1 year ago
And that is probably why I bought it in the first place. It screams "biography" to me too, but alas... it is not.

It's not that the book is necessarily bad. I'm sure plenty of readers would enjoy it, and according to the review of it on GR, a lot of readers have enjoyed it. However, Freudian psychobabble is turned up to 11...and I just can't. Mix that with - rather unbelievable for the time - conversations about free love and ... ugh. To be clear, it's not that the conversations or themes are in the book that annoys me, but the way they are written. It all seems very anachronistic. Not to mention that we are asked to believe that von Richthofen's daughter basically in the space of days (and completely out of the blue) decides to become some guy's mistress (even after he's told her he also has others). They've hardly met.
I mean, it may have been based on true fact, but I would expect more internal deliberation. I cannot see how she would have discarded her "upbringing", which I assume would have been quite traditional, that easily. It also would have helped to learn more about her upbringing...

Unusually, I think this book would have worked a lot better if it had been written from a 1st person POV.
Anachronistic tone aside, looks like someone might also have gone filching material from Vanessa Bell's, Virginia Woolf's and / or Dora Carrington's biographies. Who is this supposed to be based on -- Frieda Lawrence?

And, ugh. Freudian psychobabble ...
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Exactly. Part of me wants to know where fact ended and fiction started in this book. Also, facts about whom?
But the bigger part of me just really doesn't give a damn. This is one book that confirms my belief that non-fiction is just so much more rewarding for me.
What a shame. The material sounds interesting, but as fiction, it clearly would have called for a different writer!
Lady Chatterley's Lover was so boring it killed all interest I had in reading any more D.H. Lawrence.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
It was distinctly underwhelming. The Rainbow killed Lawrence for me.
I read The Rainbow and it's sequel prior to Lady Chatterley.