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Carpe Librum 7 years ago
This book is also waiting on my shelves. I keep trying to get my book club to do it so I would have to get to it. Hope you're feeling better!
silverneurotic 7 years ago
I love this book. My grandmother liked it, had me return it to the library and I asked her why she was reading a kids book and I think she said that she had read it when she was younger and wanted to read it again. A few years after she passed away I came across it at the library and I read it and fell in love. I hope you enjoy it. Have tissues handy.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
Also on my TBR list - I never had it assigned for school somehow.
nospin 7 years ago
Feel better. I read it when I was young but the scene where the doctor saves the baby has always stayed with me.
I think I read this many, *many* eons ago, c. 1977 - in school in America - but remember very little of it at all.

Get better soon!
Spare Ammo 7 years ago
I read it no too long ago, it was never part of assigned reading in school.
silverneurotic 7 years ago
It's sad that so few school's use this book in the curriculum anymore (even in a history class) as I think it is the perfect "period" novel. The fact that the protagonist (and author) is a strong girl/young woman is definitely a plus.
Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago
I love this book (and the movie is great, too).

Francie, the main character, is a reader. She was reading her way through the library, starting with A (A authors, I think). I thought that was wonderful.

It's a book filled with wonderful characters. I hope you love it.